Clubs and Fangs in the Wild

1367257936_meadows-london_London_Call_of_Wild_cover-WJack London’s Call of the Wild is a classic book that unfortunately is not widely known. Personally it’s my favourite book (and as I am an avid reader, this is a significant feat) and I think it deserves more love and attention. It follows the story of a Southern bred dog in America during the gold rush in Canada, and his journey up to the rugged icy North to be a sled dog. Throughout the book Buck, the main character, learns the rules of the Wild and his wolf ancestors that had been long forgotten to him. He finds love and loyalty for man, but also hatred and fear. A fearsome size and fast learner, he quickly makes his way up the animal ranks to become leader of his team and eventually pack.

As it was written in 1903 (and set in the 1890s), the style of writing is very old-fashioned compared to modern day books. I find this refreshing, however, and often liken the sentences to lyrical poem verses. I highly recommend putting this classic book at the top of your reading list, and let me know in the comments your thoughts!