Welcome to Mister Bean’s bookshop and cafe!

A hidden gem for book and coffee lovers alike, Mister Bean provides a cozy and cheerful escape amidst the bustling city heart. Stop on your way passed to pick up a meticulously crafted latte, or relax on a chair of your choice (we have comfy arm chairs,  snug beanbags and fluffy cushions to name a few) with your favourite book and a piece of cake.suncadia_dining_coalhousecaffe CRPD1440x460

With a range of classic comfort foods to choose from, Mister Bean caters to all those who have a taste for the simpler, cozier and more relaxed things in life (or anyone who needs a pick-me-up after a long day in the office). We also have a selection of gluten, dairy-free and vegan options so that nobody is left out!

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